Julie Van Rosendaal.


我喜欢食物 - 找到了食谱的舒适 - 只要我能记得。我的妈妈喜欢讲这个故事大约三岁的我,谁问我何时可以为自己做饭 - 她告诉我我可以自己读自己的食谱,所以我去了学习了如何阅读烹饪书籍必威体育娱乐。

从那以后我喜欢在厨房里。现在我写了关于它,教人们如何不害怕它,每周都会谈论它CBC Radio的Calgary Eyhopeneer。我一直对家居食物的文化感兴趣,人们每天都会让自己喂养自己。Over the years I’ve learned as much as I can from as many people as I can… I’ve taught classes for 20 years, worked in cheese shops, delis, bakeries, restaurants, I had a catering business and then a bakery, and have been writing cookbooks (11 of them now!) since my first came out in 2000. I write about food for the Globe and Mail and other local and national publications. And I’ve been sharing recipes here since January 2008, but still what I love most is being in the kitchen or at the table.




XO Julie.